Open Up Your Eyes

Exhibition: #SeeTheFullPicture

27 June 2019

For one week only! Get down to The New Room in Bristol this week for a great opportunity to view some fantastic artwork, photography and poetry from people across Bristol.

As part of Multiple Disadvantage Day, Golden Key, in partnership with The New Room, is hosting an exhibition of creative work from people with lived experience of complex needs.

The creative work in this exhibition has been produced by people who have experience of facing multiple disadvantage in their journey in life so far. Childhood neglect, domestic abuse, homelessness and poor mental health are just some of many challenges these artists have faced. The complexity of accessing services and trying to get help is also highly evident in their experiences; this exhibition is an opportunity to share their creative work and vision.

See the creative work and read what the artists have to say.

Multiple Disadvantage Day aims to reduce the stigma experienced by some of the most disadvantaged and forgotten about people in our society, and encourages members of the public to see the full picture. The severity and complexity of a person’s problems means they are often turned away from the very services that are set up to help them because their behaviour is seen as too challenging. This means people with the most severe problems are even further excluded. Change could lead to services that are more cohesive, and more accessible.

The reality is that without the right care and support, people facing multiple disadvantage may die. Most often prematurely.

Through launching Multiple Disadvantage Day, we are asking for change. Change in public perception. Change in the way systems and services work. And most importantly, positive change for people facing multiple disadvantage.

 Learn more: Visit the website to read true stories of people facing multiple disadvantage.

Join the conversation: #SeeTheFullPicture

The exhibition is open from 9.30-4pm all week:

Location:        The New Room, Horsefair, Bristol. BS1 3JE

Time:              9.30am – 4pm, 1 – 5 July 2019