The exhibition #SeeTheFullPicture includes artwork from people across Bristol with lived experience of multiple disdavantage.

Below is the creative work included in the exhibition alongside the artists' comments.

  • Open Up Your Eyes

    Open Up Your Eyes

    Title: Open Up Your Eyes

    Artist: A.L.

    "I could see myself in this wall of messages.   My eyes went to the word ‘Openness’; I think there’s a message in this picture for everyone."

  • In Dogs We Trust

    In Dogs We Trust

    Title: In Dogs We Trust

    Artist: Aaron Murphy

    "Words are fascinating for me. I like to use language intentionally.  This piece is about connection with animals, wildlife and nature.

    I felt very disconnected for years but now I write everyday, I feel connected to the world. "

  • Gratitude Road

    Gratitude Road

    Title: Gratitude Road

    Artist: Aaron Murphy

    "This piece is about flow, energy and gratitude which I’m exploring as part of my recovery. "

  • Broken


    Title: Broken

    Artist: Wayne Hamilton

    "My creative work is about deconstruction and reassembling things.  Creativity helps me in ways I don’t quite understand…"

  • Manic Depression

    Manic Depression

    Title: Manic Depression

    Artist: Eva

    "Art is something I use to help manage my mental health and the ebbs and flow of life."

  • Nightingale Valley

    Nightingale Valley

    Title: Nightingale Valley

    Artist: Eva

    "'Art is something I use to help manage my mental health and the ebbs and flow of life'."

  • Datura Avignon

    Datura Avignon

    Title: Datura Avignon

    Artist: K.S.

    "Tells about my mystic experience in Avignon while I met fairies on a tree.”

  • Polish Flag with English Accent

    Polish Flag with English Accent

    Title: Polish Flag with English Accent

    Artist: K.S.

    “Tells about Polish pilots during the Germans' attack on England”

  • Untitled


    Title: Untitled

    Artist: Shirley

    "It’s just like my recovery too, this [stained glass] course. I’m learning it takes time. I’m learning I will make mistakes, but I can start again. Or I can make something beautiful from the mistakes; I don’t need to be perfect. I’m learning there will be setbacks." 

  • Evening Glow

    Evening Glow

    Title: Evening Glow

    Artist: Rob Coole

    "Creativity is like a spiritual journey for me; I can express myself and get into the zone."

  • Walk in the Wild Side

    Walk in the Wild Side

    Title: Walk in the Wild Side

    Artist: Rob Coole

    "Taking pictures helps me connect to nature, I listen to my intuition."

  • Empty Day

    Empty Day

    Title: Empty Day

    Artist: James Davis

    "Creativity is how I connect my heart to the world and to people and society... 

    I write every day as a way of getting things out of my head and coping with life. Creative work always feels like a helpful and productive way to direct energy for me from day to day."

  • The Pain of Life

    The Pain of Life

    Title: The Pain of Life

    Artist: James Davis

    "Creative writing arrives very spontaneously and unpredictably in my life. When this type of creativity occurs it always feels like there is some sort of movement into a different sphere and energy. Afterwards I usually feel ease and a sense of peace. "

  • Untitled I

    Untitled I

    Title: Untitled I

    Artist: Jay Russell

    "Discovering I could paint saved my sanity when I was in prison.  When I was released I had nowhere to go – I was homeless. I did this piece my first night out of prison, sleeping on the streets.   The central figure in this painting is underwater.  That’s how I felt; free but not free."

  • Untitled II

    Untitled II

    Title: Untitled II

    Artist: Jay Russell

    "Learning to paint at age 38 calmed me, released me and made me feel good about myself.  Now I’ve been clean and sober for nearly 18 months. I can be creative without drink or drugs, when I feel anxious, now I turn to my painting.  It’s an extension of myself that I never had before."