Peer mentor team

Peer Mentoring Service

Golden Key is committed to putting lived experience at the heart of the programme. Part of this commitment involves offering each Golden Key client their own peer mentor volunteer.


Golden Key peer mentors are people who have experienced homelessness, substance misuse, prison or mental health issues. With a story of change to tell, they are among the best placed people to support and inspire Golden Key clients.

The Golden Key Peer Mentoring Service trains individuals to support people with complex needs. Over the course of the programme, mentors will work alongside Golden Key Service Coordinators providing clients with support, inspiration and proof that change is possible. From attending appointments to supporting someone with a move into accommodation, mentors can be there each step of the way.

The team are working with a range of local voluntary organisations and communities to recruit peer mentor volunteers to walk alongside Golden Key clients.

Give Hope

One of our peer mentors, Ian Gaskin, explains why peer mentoring has been such a turning point in his life:

“When I found the Golden Key Peer Mentoring Service, I was at a point where I wanted to give something back and to give hope to someone who needed it. I felt it was important to be able to share my experience - I’d been there, done that, and got the t-shirt."  Read more about Ian's story here.

Iain's story

Getting Involved

As a peer mentor, you can:

  • Be part of a project that’s supporting people with the most complex needs
  • Be part of a team involving lots of different organisations
  • Help create lasting improvement to ‘the system’ in Bristol
  • Receive top quality training and support
  • Improve your employment prospects with work experience, an up to date CV, references and support applying for jobs.

If you wish to know more about peer mentoring for Golden Key, you can download and read the role description (below),  contact Corrado or Dani on 0117 4289237 or email