Great Practice Heroes: the winners

An evening of celebration

24 January 2019

This week we held the first ever Golden Key Great Practice Awards, to celebrate the work of people all over Bristol who are changing the system to improve services and outcomes for people with complex needs. 

Last night the Golden Key partnership got together to recognise and celebrate the good work that is taking place to provide better support for the most vulnerable people in our communities.

It was fantastic to be in a room together and hear about the work of many people and organisations from across the city, learning more about the great practice being demonstrated in changing systems for people with complex needs.

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The winners are:

Category: Individual.

Awarded to:

Michael Warner (Partnership Manager, DWP)

for going the extra mile to improve services for people with complex needs.

Michael’s role as Partnership Manager was central to the roll-out of Universal Credit in Bristol. He approaches his work systemically, and understands the importance of partnership working.

Michael worked collaboratively to re-design investment in Universal Credit in order to respond to concerns raised by partners.  This included: coproducing a range of sector-specific cross-agency training; and establishing partnership-based troubleshooting groups.

In an organisation under pressure to deliver significant change and under fire regarding resistance to Universal Credit, Michael never became defensive; he consistently listened to concerns of the sector and did everything he could to address those concerns.


Category: Teams and / or projects

Awarded to:


for doing things differently to improve services for people with complex needs.

LiveWest has been a key element to the success of Bristol’s Housing First pilot to date. The team has embraced the spirit of this very different approach and set the benchmark for how it can work in practice.

With a collaborative approach, good-natured communication, thoughtful allocation decisions and willingness to flex, LiveWest has supported clients efficiently into quality accommodation. They’ve demonstrated experience, resilience and an understanding about the impact trauma has on a client’s ability to access and sustain housing. This is notable in their willingness to find different, person-centred solutions to keep clients housed when challenges arise.


Category: Organisations working together.

Awarded to:

Homeless Support Team

for improving services for people with complex needs.

This team includes a social worker, a specialist nurse and a GP. The team works across Bristol Royal Infirmary to support complex needs clients with homelessness issues who are admitted to hospital. This pilot project has had significant impact on the lives of Golden Key clients who have accessed A&E.

The team are proactive, persistent and flexible in addressing housing needs of complex clients. They bring a holistic, coordinated and systemic approach into a primary healthcare setting. Their work addresses challenges that clients face when transitioning out of hospital, and breaks cycles of repeated A&E attendances.


Category: Oustanding Engagement.

Awarded to:


for dedication to improving the system for people with complex needs.

One25 supports street sex workers in Bristol to gain independence from sex work and to lead positive lives. Presented in recognition of the way in which the organisation really got behind the spirit of the awards. One25 was nominated in all three categories and gained a large number of votes across the board.

They demonstrate consistent enthusiasm and support around Golden Key’s work,  engaging with the spirit of great practice,  putting their service users at the heart of their work and building connections across the city - as demonstrated by their nominations in each category.


A great big thank you and congratulations to all our nominees in the three categories:

Category: Individuals

Carmel Brogan (Contracts and Commissioning Manager (Homelessness), BCC)
Matt Burton (Mental Health Team, HMP Bristol)
Rachel Campbell (Public Health England, Health and Justice Specialist, South West)
Tulane Chiarletti (Senior Practitioner, Bristol Mental Health)
Rob Fenwick  (Senior Custodial Commissioner, Ministry of Justice)
Rachel MacDermott (Drop-in Manager, One25)
Rachel Manley (Housing First Support Worker, Golden Key)
Tess Rushton (Facilitator, Independent Futures)
Jon Shorrock (Service Manager, Bristol ROADS)
Harriet Smith (Psychologist, St Mungo’s)
John Summerill (Outreach Worker, St Mungo’s)
Michael Warner (Partnership Manager, DWP)
Dom Wood (Chief Executive, 1625 Independent People)

Category: Teams and / or projects 

1625 Independent People  (1625ip)
BCC Welfare Rights and Money Advice Service (WRAMAS)
Bristol Complex Needs team
Independent Futures
Longhills Hostel 
(St Mungos)
Manifesto for Change Team

Category: Organisations working together

Bristol’s multiagency outreach and wet clinic team
Homeless Prevention Pathways
One25 and Avon and Somerset Police
Homeless Support Team
Stephen Pratt
(Golden Key Service Coordinator) and Jasmine Lawrie (BDP)


Celebrating great practice: here are our award winners (Michael Warner, LiveWest, Bristol Homeless Support Team and One25).

Great Practice Heroes: the winners

Great Practice Heroes: the winners

Great Practice Heroes: the winners