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Project 63

Project 63 is a one year pilot through which the Golden Key programme will share learning about ways to facilitate system change. Starting in October 2019, the programme will support two organisations to develop their own system change processes and tools.

As a programme, Golden Key is looking to develop sustainable solutions that will allow organisations to continue to make systemic changes for people with complex needs. Our aim is to activate a network of people within organisations who have the power and agency to make changes in the system, creating positive impact for clients. 

Peter Dobson from the National Lottery Community Fund says:

“We want to see system change where the changes made are sustainable and organisations are able to respond to future shifts. This project will allow system change learning from Golden Key to be shared, developing environments where positive systemic change can be made.”

We don’t have all the answers so this will be an iterative process, working alongside organisations to see what works in their own contexts.  The organisations will be able to trial new ways of working, developing and sharing products and practices which support systemic, complexity-friendly ways of working. This will include working across organisational boundaries, establishing internal systems that identify and resolve blocks faced by clients, empowering the workforce to make change at every level, and recording and sharing learning.

We will be working with a small group of individuals in each organisation. These people will be responsible for cascading learning and will support the embedding of change processes. What support is needed will be shaped in discussion with organisations but our offer includes:

  • Regular coaching support
  • Sharing tools, learning, techniques and approach
  • Support in involving service users in system change activity
  • Match-funded systems thinking training delivered by the Schumacher Institute
  • The opportunity to be part of the wider Golden Key community and network of change agents
  • Examples of system change activity, including how people have taken systemic action
  • Access to platforms for sharing system change learning
  • Support in reviewing the project as it develops

We hope that, as well as creating tangible examples of system change, Project 63 will empower people within organisations, creating environments where system change happens.