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PIE Events and Resources

Welcome to the Golden Key Partnership PIE (Psychologically Informed Environments) resource page. Here you’ll find information about events (both past and future), and documents and web links that you may find useful if you’re interested in PIEs.

We’ll also be regularly updating this page with details of PIE-related activities that are happening in Golden Key.

Recent events

Bristol PIE Shop: moving towards a psychologically informed city
28th November 2017, Vassall Centre, Fishponds, Bristol

The event was a great success - read all about it and download documents here.

What next?

We’re currently reviewing Golden Key’s PIE work so far and developing our goals for the coming year.

  • This review includes feedback from the Bristol PIE Shop 2017 event, discussions with the South West PIE Network, links with national projects and our PIE consultation document ‘PIE: A current context’. This document has been developed through talking to clients, other people with lived experience and staff, and it describes what people think we should prioritise when developing our PIEs.
  • Details about our goals will be available in the near future.

In addition, over the coming months we'll also be working more closely with the Service Coordinator Team, who are involved in number of PIE-related projects including:

  • Reinstating the PIE and wellbeing group after a bit of a break
  • Developing a co-production working group to increase client involvement
  • Recording and reviewing good practice and system change through a PIE framework

This also includes a much wider piece of work to develop stronger links between the PIE and system change work happening within Golden Key. For more info on system change click here

South West PIE Forum

Whilst still in the early stages of its development, once set up this group will include - from across the region - people with lived experiences of multiple needs and related services, academics, clinicians and people interested in PIE. The group will also link in with national projects and will be available to help with PIE related questions and training needs. More information on this will be available soon.

PIEs in practice

For ideas about how you might implement PIEs in practice, there’s a very helpful guide here: Creating a Psychologically Informed Environment 2015 

A further fantastic resource is the PIELink website. If you haven’t signed up as a member yet, this website is highly recommended as it has a broad range of PIE-related articles, videos and forums, as well as regular newsletters that provide updates on all things PIE. The recommended approach to the development of PIEs is constantly evolving and the next version: PIE 2.0 will be available in the new year

More information

For more information on Golden Key’s work on PIEs, please contact:

Liv (Mon-Wed) on: 0117 909 6630 Ext. 126