PIE stands for Psychologically Informed Environments.  It’s a term we use a lot at Golden Key because we have an aspiration that Bristol will become a global PIE leader – this means that our services will take into account the psychological needs of our clients, and also the staff delivering them.

What is PIE?

We know that many clients with complex needs have experienced trauma and this can have an impact on their behaviours when they engage with services. For example, many have difficulties managing their emotions and appear impulsive, while others may be withdrawn and reluctant to engage services at all. 

The purpose of PIE is to help staff understand where these behaviours are coming from so they can work more creatively and constructively when they encounter them.  This way they can tackle the behaviour that leads to homelessness.

Our PIE work also includes working closely with staff to increase their skills and knowledge, and to understand their emotional needs. By investing in employees in this way we can create a more motivated, resilient and effective workforce.

Find out more

To find out more about activities currently underway to transform Bristol into a PIE global leader, follow the link below: