System change

Golden Key is creatively disruptive.  We review cultures and systems - highlighting what's working and trying to resolve what isn't.  Our system change strategy sets out how we will create a lasting legacy which improves system commissioning and delivery beyond the life of the programme.  

Evidence based

We are mapping the system – using the client journey.  By walking the journey with a group of 300 clients, who represent a broad spectrum of demographics and needs, we are mapping what works for them and what doesn’t.  We’ll use this evidence based learning to influence larger scale system change.

Our Service Coordinator Team are playing a crucial role in this process by identifying and logging specific examples of what is hindering or enhancing their client's progress. Learning is also gathered from 'The Bristol Voice', a range of organisations including the IF Group, the Partnership Board and Golden Key agencies brought together to feed expertise into the Golden Key.

We have developed an innovative process which categorises blocks into tiers before directing them to the most effective avenue by which to be resolved. For example tier one issues might include a client’s resistance to change and would usually be resolved by the service coordinator.  Whereas a tier four issue, for example trying to source accommodation for high need/risk clients, might be resolved by the Golden Key’s system change group.

By identifying and overcoming a client's personal barriers and making changes so that the system works better for them we can create a ripple effect which benefits many others.

We will use this learning to highlight patterns, impact and risk and identify areas of priority.  The Partnership Board will agree our priorities in two year timeframes.  We will develop and implement plans to work on these strategic priorities, identifying which agencies we will need to work with.

How will we achieve change?

We have a range of levers for change available to us, from access to senior managers and commissioners to campaigning.  For each agreed priority, coming out of our blocks and barriers work, we will identify the relevant levers which we will use to influence change.

We are developing a 'Golden Key Approach' to ways of working in Bristol.  This approach will help the partnership step outside their organisation or specific role to look at the bigger picture and approach barriers and solutions with fresh eyes.

Want to find out more?

Emerging findings from this work will be released in our annual Impact Report each autumn.  In the meantime we will plan to release snapshots of these findings during the year.  These snapshots will be available via Our Learning and our e-newsletter.