Managing Incidents and Wellbeing at Work

30 May 2019

As part of an action experiment (our process for doing system change), some of the team at Golden Key have run training with organisations in the local community.

Stephen and Fuchsia (Service Coordinators) and Corrado (Peer Mentor Service) have now concluded delivery of the second phase of the ‘Managing Incidents and Wellbeing at Work’ training. They have delivered 6 sessions to 46 people from 17 different organisations including cafés, restaurants, a tourist information centre and community centres.

The training is part of a piece of work aimed at developing a psychologically informed approach to creating safe and inclusive public spaces. It focusses on increasing understanding of complex needs, prioritising wellbeing in the workplace, managing incidents effectively in the workplace and using reflection to learn how to improve a space.

The team are now completing the evaluation phase before deciding how to take this piece of work forward.