Golden Key December snapshot

04 January 2017

We will share highlights of Golden Key’s work in a quick infographic style which we hope will give you an insight into our work. 

In our first snapshot we look at what our clients are saying and tell you about the #NoMore campaign to end homelessness in Bristol. 

Click here to view our December 2016 snapshot

As many of you know, Golden Key is a partnership aimed at delivering change in Bristol.  We work with a small group of people with complex needs in order to understand their journey, researching the systems they interact with and finding out why they get stuck. 
We currently have our optimum client numbers for enabling us to gather data. This data will be shared across the partnership to help improve our understanding of what we can deliver.  We aren’t likely to take on any new referrals from services in the future or carry a waiting list.  This is because new clients will only be those who are not currently represented in our cohort, who represent alternative demographics or who are hidden from services.
Please have a look at our December snapshot (click the link here) and do get in touch if you have any comments of questions. Feel free to download and use the snapshot.