Co-production – Working Together, Every Time

02 July 2018

This week we are joining the other 11 Fulfilling Lives projects around the country, in celebrating the third national Co-production Week:  #coproweek. 

Co-production is at the heart of the Fulfilling Lives Programme, ensuring people with lived experience have a real say in the design and delivery of services. Co-production Week is a great opportunity to celebrate and promote the benefits of this.

Here at Golden Key, we’re doing some fantastic co-production work – here are just a couple of examples:

Housing First

Golden Key, in partnership with Bristol City Council and Liverty, have set up a Housing First pilot in Bristol. Housing First is designed for those who have been homeless for a long time or those who repeatedly end up homeless; it aims to break these cycles.

Independent Futures (IF) –Golden Key’s advisory group of people with lived experience – and Golden Key Peer Mentors have been involved since the beginning of the pilot.

Members of the IF Group sit on both the Housing First Project Team and the Strategic Board. They have also inputted into:

  • Methods for identifying clients
  • Agreeing eligibility criteria
  • Developing service level agreements
  • Defining the comms strategy
  • Creating a risk register
  • Giving advice to partners about how to best communicate and offer of housing to vulnerable clients.

Co-production in Recruitment

Co-production is also now at the heart of Golden Key’s recruitment process and IF Group members are involved at all stages:

  • Selecting applications
  • Developing interview questions
  • Taking full part in interview panels.

 In the future the IF Group will also be part of a new Golden Key worker’s induction process.

The IF Group has developed a co-production tool to assess the effectiveness of the involvement of people with lived experience in recruitment. This tool is called: “levels of involvement in recruitment processes” – there will be information about this in the very near future, so watch this space!

What Co-production Means at Golden Key

To us, co-production isn’t just a buzzword - it means real change.

It means listening to all voices around the table.

It means valuing lived experience and being respectful of different perspectives.

It means co-creating something and educating each other.

It means rebalancing the power structure; enabling people who have ‘walked the walk’ to do some talking.  


More Information

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