Bristol PIE Shop

Bristol PIE Shop: moving towards a psychologically informed city

15 December 2017

The Bristol PIE Shop took place on 28th November 2017 in the Vassall Centre, Bristol.

A big thanks to everyone who supported, attended or helped out at this event. The day was a great success and based on the feedback received, there’s a great amount of enthusiasm at the moment for developing and sharing learning about PIEs, both in and around Bristol. The overwhelming response was that those who attended would like more events like this in the future, to help stay up to date with developments and to continue to share learning. We’ll be working with our partners to discuss ideas for events in the future.

If you  would like to access some of the slides and resources used on the day, please click on the link here.


The day included:

  • Lived experience stories​
  • An overview & history of PIE with Robin Johnson​
  • Service stories of developing PIEs​
  • Learning from experiences and evaluating PIE

There’s a video of Sian Clark’s presentation on developing a PIE on an acute NHS inpatient ward at: (you have to be a member  to access it but it’s free to join) The video’s available through the Christmas special newsletter (Dec 2017).

The afternoon included workshops on:

  • Understanding trauma
  • Psychological approaches
  • Reflective practice
  • A "how to" of PIE


Follow this link to learn more about Golden Key and PIE .


To see more feedback from the day please have a look at the following document: