Golden Key Programme Team

Programme Team

The Programme Team coordinates, supports and commissions activities across all aspects of the Golden Key programme.

Holding responsibility for supporting the wider activities and objectives of the programme, the Programme Team supports the sharing of best practice and learning across the Golden Key Partnership and further afield, reporting back to the Big Lottery and communicating experiences with other Fulfilling Lives projects.

Manifesto for Change project

Held within the Programme Team, the objective of the Manifesto for Change project is to facilitate, support and enable individuals and organisations across the Golden Key partnership to make system changes internally and/or between themselves (i.e. transactional system change).

Manifesto for Change approach

Our theory of change focuses on investment in the partnership, adopting a flexible and responsive approach to develop a network individuals and organisations responsible for effecting meaningful transactional system change.

Based on observations and feedback, the Manifesto for Change Team:

  • Respond to different needs
  • Capitalise on opportunities
  • Create space for peer support
  • Recognise good work
  • Share learning
  • Create a common narrative
  • Create a consistent and unified approach to system change activity
  • Observe
  • Reflect
  • Accommodate the needs of individuals and groups

Current members of the Programme Team:

  • Ali Dunn

    Ali Dunn

    Ali is the Manifesto for Change Project Manager. She works with people from different organisations, supporting them to make changes to the way that they work, within their own organisations, and with other services, to improve the system. Ali and Mike work closely together as the 'Manifesto for Change’ team.

  • Beth Fouracre

    Beth Fouracre

    Beth is the Information and Learning Officer for Golden Key. She supports people across the programme to communicate effectively: sharing good news and best practice, creating data visualisations, maintaining the website and exploring ways to effectively share information and learning across the partnership and beyond.

  • Liv Lehmann

    Liv Lehmann

    Liv is the Programme Support Officer for the Golden Key programme; she supports meetings, organises events, collects reports and assists the rest of the Programme Team with their work.

  • Hannah Mahoney

    Hannah Mahoney

    Hannah Mahoney is Programme Manager of Golden Key. She is passionate about system change and about improving services so they are better placed to meet the needs of clients.  Hannah joined Golden Key in 2014, recognising the exciting opportunity the programme presented to change ‘the system’ and achieve a better Bristol for all.

  • Mike McClelland

    Mike McClelland

    Mike is a Senior Project Support Officer in the Golden Key Programme Team. He works with people across the Golden Key partnership to help people create positive changes in the way services are delivered.

  • Jake Sinetos

    Jake Sinetos

    Jake is the Performance and Contract Manager. He works closely alongside the Programme Manager and all the different parts (contracts) of Golden Key, including the Service Coordinator Team, to help ensure everything is running smoothly and the client’s needs are being met. He also project manages a few areas, including Bristol’s Housing First pilot.